Essential apps for start-ups

New businesses have to work smarter and faster if they are to succeed in the marketplace and new research has found that over 70 per cent of entrepreneurs now rely on mobile apps to run their operations, eliminate admin and scale their business.

Small business owners can now cover most aspects of their working life through apps, from streamlining their accounts and expenses to chat apps that allow for more flexibility.

What’s more, these apps are tailored for every budget and management style, so no-one needs to be left out and yet, amazingly, over 40 per cent of those polled said they were unaware of which apps would suit them best and described themselves as being “overwhelmed” by the range of business apps on offer.

One such app is Cortana, an alternative ‘personal assistant’ app to Siri. Cortana looks things up for ‘her’ owner, keeps an eye on traffic delays and sends alerts when meetings are coming up. What’s more, just like a human PA, she can field calls and take messages when the entrepreneur is busy.

Wunderlist is another great help to business owners on the move. The app allows them to capture ideas, prioritise them, create a to-do list, set reminders and tick things off as they work through it.

While some to-do lists are fiddly to use, Wunderlist is powerful but simple to use and the information is right there when the entrepreneur needs it, so it is hardly surprising that it has been ranked as the best ‘to-do’ list app.

Meanwhile, another great app for slick-looking customer presentations is Lumia Beamer, which allows users to show their phone’s screen live on any other screen that is connected to the internet.

It can be used to project visuals from a smartphone onto a larger screen so that everyone in the meeting room can see them, and the smartphone screen can be used as a control to zoom in and out. Lumia Beamer also makes it easy to share the screen with people who are further away by sending them a link via email, SMS or social media.